Discovery & Development: Partnering with Patient-Led Research Networks

By: Mark Krueger, MPH

An increasing number of patient groups are investing in drug, diagnostic and device discovery and development. Known as patient-led research networks, these independent, non-profit organizations are found around the world.

Business development and licensing executives at a diverse range of companies gain concrete advantages by building partnerships with patient-led research networks through identification and commercialization of promising compounds.

Recently, MK&A’s Mark Krueger, MPH, president, and Veronica Lopez, MPH, strategic associate, co-authored an article with Yvonne Schlaeppi, JD, independent non-executive director of Stallergenes Greer, which explores this topic in the Business Development and Licensing Journal.

About the Author:

Mark Krueger, MPH

Mark Krueger, MPH is president of MK&A.  Mark founded MK&A (Mark Krueger & Associates, Inc.) in 1996 to help pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic companies worldwide partner with patient, consumer and professional groups to speed discovery, development and approval, promote appropriate use, and ensure equitable access and reimbursement.  He can be reached at +1 212 620 2770 or at

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