LEAD is our digital platform for environmental assessments. LEAD offers MK&A’s expertise in and knowledge of the patient and professional organization landscape with new features: a centralized hub to house all patient and professional group information across multiple therapeutic areas, enhanced method to prioritize partners, real time updates and a design built to realign priority partners as you progress through the drug development continuum.

A subscription service that is constantly updated

How we do it

Always watching

We watch newsfeeds, group specific email subscriptions and RSS Feeds around the clock. If something changes, we are the first to know.

MK&A / Client Connections

We are in frequent contact with leaders in rare diseases, oncology, hematology, and other diagnosis on demand. Clients also can recommend updates easily.

Dedicated staff

We monitor LEAD daily, so changes in the program are made immediately. Updates to your LEAD assessment are made as long as your subscription is active.

Client Benefits

Information is kept current

Updated data reprioritizes groups as information changes.

Focus on relationships, not data entry

Your staff is focused on real productive engagement rather than data entry.

Show stakeholders you are engaged

Shows key stakeholders you are engaged and aware.

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