Patient Journey Mapping

Patient organizations shape patient and consumers’ knowledge and experience in a multitude of ways ranging from disease awareness campaigns to assistance in securing access to optimal care and beyond. Committed to the best interests of patients and families, advocates constantly expand the ways they empower constituents to live with their diseases. Along the way, these groups gather in-depth understanding of diseases as well as associated unmet medical needs, firsthand knowledge of preferences, confirmation of acceptable risks and benefits and much more.

Why MK&A?

While delivering insights that help define the optimal strategy and communication plan, our customized approach informs an appropriate advocacy strategy by pinpointing the specific role of patient and consumer groups have in awareness, evaluation, and adoption of new diagnostic and treatment options.

Our patient-centric approach to journey mapping:

  • Ensures the patient perspective is incorporated across the development continuum
  • Shows where and how compliant patient engagement can impact discovery, development and approval
  • Reveals new and innovative ways to partner with patient advocates

Offered in partnership with: Sandbox Agency


What you can expect

  • Knowledge of the role of patient and consumer groups at every stage along their journey
  • Specific information and services provided by these organizations
  • Identification of gaps in service delivery and unmet patient needs that may impact patient’s ability to engage in treatment decision making or adhere to treatment plans
  • Qualitative and quantitative data on patient and consumer demographics and behavior
  • Insights on patient and providers’ preferences and unmet medical needs
  • Opportunities to learn from the best minds in the field

Case Studies


Suite of services

To help a company maximize the benefit of conducting an advocacy-focused patient journey map, MK&A also offers:

Environmental assessments through LEAD, our digital platform

Understand the advocacy landscape and identify priority organizations through on-going monitoring and course correction


Strategic consultation

Consultation on who and how to involve internal cross-functional team members in the process; strategic and tactical plans to implement best ideas formed from mapping analysis


Post-mapping analysis of opportunities that arise from the mapping process


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