Successfully Targeting Advocacy Relations (STAR) Report


The 2017 STAR (Successfully Targeting Advocacy Relations) Report, a market intelligence research report developed by MK&A and The Brooks Group, takes a deep dive into a comprehensive range of programmatic, policy, and reputational factors that drive best-in-class patient advocacy.

The report provides important insights from more than 150 patient groups and professional organizations across 17 therapeutic areas on critical elements of patient advocacy, emerging issues and how well industry is meeting the needs of patient communities.

The 2017 STAR Report eliminates development of patient advocacy strategies and programs in a vacuum and provides a comprehensive view into what makes the patient groups and communities tick, across the therapeutic/disease areas and categories of greatest importance to the pharma industry.

What you can expect

With the 2017 STAR Report:

  • Benchmark your patient advocacy strategy against the pharma industry leaders
    in advocacy
  • Strengthen your patient advocacy programs in 2018 and beyond
  • Learn from patient groups and professional stakeholder organizations who they view as the top-ranked patient advocacy leaders in pharma and why

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The 2017 STAR Report can help pharma organizations of every size and type take a key step to becoming more patient-centric

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About MK&A Publications

MK&A publications create enhanced understanding, knowledge-sharing, better connections and more collaborative relationships between patient advocacy groups and communities and pharma/life sciences companies.

MK&A publications help foster increased patient group perspectives into the drug development process, supporting pharma/life sciences companies seeking to bring to market better and more effective therapies.

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