Successfully Targeting Advocacy Relations (STAR) Report


Launched in 2010, the STAR report is a syndicated market research offering from The Brooks Group and MK&A.  The report allows pharmaceutical and biotech companies  to benchmark their advocacy relations efforts against their competitors across multiple therapeutic areas. STAR helps companies understand emerging policy and advocacy trends, develop advocacy strategies and tactics that meet gaps in support, and communicate how they are perceived by patient groups and professional societies relative to competitors.

What you can expect

STAR Report survey findings will identify:

  • Which companies are viewed as “best in class” by patient and professional groups and why
  • Short and long-term goals within specific advocacy communities
  • Which pharma company public policy activities are the most effective
  • Which companies provide value-added programs that are most appreciated by advocacy groups
  • Key unmet needs and opportunities to fill gaps

In addition to the full STAR benchmarking report, The Brooks Group and MK&A are now offering three specialized STAR reports focused on the topics described below. The chapters include information and insights that will drive enhanced relationships between industry and the patient community. Prices of these specialized benchmarking reports vary by therapeutic area and are listed and available for immediate download below.

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STAR Report: Patient Centricity

Patient-centricity is increasingly a priority for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, with more and more companies publicly and formally declaring their commitment to putting patients first. Companies are investing significant time and resources to fulfill their commitment to patient-centricity, but how do patient advocacy groups and professional associations view their performance? The report provides in-depth understanding of how patient groups and professional associations define patient-centricity, their views on key attributes of a patient-centric company and perspectives on industry’s efforts in this area.

This Spring 2016 report summarizes key findings from on-line surveys completed by more than 160 patient and professional groups. Qualitative interviews with senior-level decision makers provide further information and context of the survey responses, measuring pharma’s performance and reputation across key patient-centric criteria.

STAR Report: Rare Diseases

This STAR special report, based on surveys and interviews with more than 40 rare disease patient groups, provides insights to drive enhanced relationships between industry and the rare disease patient community.  The report covers advocate perceptions of critical challenges faced by people living with a rare disease, strategic priorities for patient groups and how well industry supports those priorities, market dynamics and their impact on the rare disease community, and the role of rare disease coalitions, among other important topics.

STAR Report: Patient Access

Pharmacy and medical cost controls being implemented by both public and commercial payers and additional healthcare coverage trends continue to present access challenges to patients. The Spring 2016 special report Tackling Barriers to Patient Access: Patient and Payer Perspectives provides insights on these challenges captured from on-line surveys from more than 160 patient and professional groups across 17 therapeutic areas, supplemented by in-depth phone interviews with a subset of these decision-makers.

Results revealed that increasing out of pocket costs for pharmaceuticals, the rising costs of specialty drugs, restrictive formularies, and the use of prior authorizations are of greatest concern for patients accessing treatment.

Additional insights from this special report include coverage issues impacting patients, healthcare stakeholder engagement on access issues, and opportunities for collaboration between payers and patient groups.

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