Recruiting for a Trial in a Competitive Oncology Space

Business challenge:

A new, independent biopharmaceutical company was launched out of an existing company. The company wanted to establish patient advocacy relationships quickly to help accrue patients to clinical trials. Its goal was to build awareness of the company and increase accrual to breast cancer trials.


To start, MK&A conducted an environmental assessment of breast cancer advocacy community in priority markets. We began by surveying the recommended partners about their clinical trial interests and information needs.

MK&A counseled the company to produce patient-friendly educational materials and translate into the languages of each priority market. These materials were disseminated to the identified priority partners and followed up through regular telephone and email outreach to encourage uptake.

MK&A scheduled in-person advocate briefings at major congresses and hosted webinars, so as to provide in-service training for advocacy staff.  MK&A also hosted information sessions for local support groups.


The company positively positioned itself before advocates in a competitive oncology space.

Each of the 16 partner groups disseminated the company’s clinical trial information via multiple venues (e.g., newsletters, websites, social media, meetings, trainings, blogs, etc.). The clinical trial became fully accrued within one year and accrual even continued during the slow summer months. The company is now well-equipped with patient-friendly educational materials that could serve as templates for communications about other studies.

The company continues to build on this success by communicating with and seeking input from advocacy partners about the entire breast cancer platform.

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