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Remembering Jane

By: Mark Krueger, MPH

We will always remember Jane Reese-Coulbourne.

Jane Reese-Coulbourne changed the world of cancer by insisting that patients mattered.  While cancer has taken her from us at too young an age, her impact will live on.

Before her diagnosis with breast cancer, Jane was a pioneer in another world, chemical engineering.  Trained at the University of Virginia, she was soon selected to become the first female plant manager for Proctor & Gamble. Jane’s disease and her recognition that patients’ views matter led her to help create the National Breast Cancer Coalition, one of the most effective patient groups. Jane went on to serve as an advisor to Dr. Richard Klausner,  the director of the National Cancer Institute.  She then ran the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the U.S. Food & Drug Administration at the request of Dr. Peggy Hamburg, the FDA Commissioner.   Jane was most interested in the “hard stuff”,  as she called it:  Things like making clinical trials reflect patients’ needs; creating ways for two unapproved medicines to be trialed in combination; and searching for effective regimens for multiple drug resistant tuberculosis.  Jane rose to every challenge while keeping patients front and center.

Jane was a part of MK&A twice in her life.  The first time after leaving the National Breast Cancer Coalition.  During that period, she helped define what we do and how we do it, while giving many companies thoughtful guidance.  More recently, she helped our clients understand pre-approval drug access, where she was equally effective.

Jane’s impact extended well beyond her work while at MK&A.  Today, information on clinical studies is more patient-friendly because of her.  New study designs, such as TAPUR, speed drug development because of her.  In short, patients and their caregivers have a seat at the table because of Jane.

For that, like you, we will always be inspired by Jane’s clarity of vision and her commitment to change that makes patients’ lives better.




About the Author:

Mark Krueger, MPH

Mark Krueger, MPH, founded MK&A (Mark Krueger & Associates, Inc.) in 1996 to help pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic companies partner with patients and caregivers and with patient, consumer and professional groups to speed drug development and approval, promote appropriate use, and ensure equitable access and reimbursement.  Under Mark’s direction, MK&A has created a unique niche in global health care through its singular focus on helping clients develop mutually beneficial relationships with diverse groups and individuals who are at the center of the success of their products.  The firm has demonstrated repeatedly that integration of the external voice can create better health care for all.

He can be reached at +1 212 620 2770 or at mkrueger@mkanda.com.

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