Shaping Your Advocacy Strategy: Understanding your priority partners

By: Ellen Coleman, MPH

An important step in integrating the patient perspective into the drug development continuum is to understand the groups that represent these patients and how to appropriately and meaningfully engage with them.  Industry partners face multiple challenges in understanding their environmental landscape from too many potential partners with varying objectives, to too few players in the space.

MK&A has actively cultivated and nurtured respectful relationships with patient, consumer and professional groups for over 20 years.  Through our modernized environmental assessment platform, LEAD, we offer our expertise and knowledge of the patient and professional organization landscape providing key insights and engagement strategies.  LEAD, or Leveraging Environmental Assessment Data, is a centralized hub of patient and professional group information, across multiple therapeutic areas personalized to help your company identify and prioritize potential partners, and built to realign priorities as you progress through the drug development continuum.

Client benefits:

  • Discover organizations aligned with your advocacy and business objectives; Proprietary algorithmic technology to identify priority organizations based on your specific goals and needs, with the flexibility to reprioritize groups based on evolving objectives
  • Access a powerful database of health care stakeholder organizations; Health care stakeholder organization landscapes across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East
  • Profit from personalized recommendations and strategic counsel; Personalized recommendations to inform your engagement strategy, including “insider insights” from MK&A’s 20-plus years as a trusted partner to patient and professional communities worldwide

Key functions:

  • Digital platform allows for efficient navigation and a variety of sorting features
  • Easy access to downloadable contact list and organizational snapshots
  • Centralized hub for storing and viewing all your assessments
  • Subscription service alerts you to updates in executive leadership, financial position, industry partnerships, and other vital details
  • Quick access to your MK&A project lead

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About the Author:

Ellen Coleman, MPH

Ellen offers strategic counsel to her clients to ensure the success of their advocacy activities. As a senior leader at MK&A, Ellen complements her client work by providing leadership to MK&A’s operations including quality initiatives, recruitment and training and overseeing development of the firm’s operating plan.

Ellen brings considerable experience working with both patients with life-threatening and chronic illnesses, and a well-rounded view of the patient journey to her clients.   Prior to MK&A, Ellen held executive level positions at CancerCare, EmergingMed and Johnson & Johnson. As well, Ellen spent 10 years in the hospital setting, including at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic where she coordinated psychosocial care for patients with HIV.

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